About us


Spiralista is a workout application for the unique physiotherapeutic techniques of the Spiral Stabilization method. Thanks to this application, you can use this method every day – at home, at work or on vacation. All you need to do is make your own workout plan and start exercising. Whether your motivation is to get rid of pain, improve posture or strengthen and tone muscles, with your own personal plan designed by physiotherapists, you will work out regularly and systematically. Each workout is supplemented by a voice guide in the English language, which will make the orientation in the workout easier, allowing you to focus on the perfect performance of the exercises.

The application contains a list of all exercises, including videos and detailed descriptions. This will help you learn to perform the exercises precisely and effectively. You can create a tailored workout plan from the exercises, either alone or with the help of your physiotherapist. You can also set workout reminders directly in the calendar. Your workouts are discreetly recorded in the Workout History and personal statistics. This allows you to monitor your progress and motivate yourself to improve.

Who we are

Many skilled people are involved in the creation and further development of the Spiralista application. We thank everyone who is building this great idea with us, thus helping people around the world to enjoy their life and better health.

Jan Prošek

Spiralista creator

Jan Prošek is a co-author and chief architect of the Spiralista application. His main task is to enhance the Spiral Stabilization method and bring it closer to all people whom it can help improve their health. He actively focuses on innovative ideas that could move the application to simplicity and better therapeutic results for its users.

Katka Smíšková

Spiral stabilization method co-author

Dr. Kateřina Smíšková is a co-author of the Spiral Stabilization rehabilitation method and a professional guarantor of this unique method for the Spiralista application. She actively cares for pediatric patients with scoliosis, attends international medical conferences and trains new lecturers.

  1. The plan is automatically renewed at the end of the trial period
  2. Spiralista requires iOS version 12 or higher for iPhone or Android 6 or higher for Android phone.
  3. Exercise method Spiral stabilization requires the use of special exercise aids.